December Challenge: Submit a TeamSeas-inspired work and The Spot will donate $1

2021.12.05 00:58 PurdueKenny December Challenge: Submit a TeamSeas-inspired work and The Spot will donate $1

For those of you who have been here for a long time, you may remember that our Discord participated in the #TeamTrees fundraiser held by youtubers MrBeast and Mark Rober. This year, they're back at it with their new ocean cleanup project : #TeamSeas! We're inviting all of you to join us and try to make a positive difference in the world!
How does it work? Simply submit a creation of yours, related to #TeamSeas, in 🌊#teamseas channel on, it can be a sketch, a painting, a sculpture, a poem, a song you wrote, a picture, any medium you'd enjoy working with, as long as it's related to the following prompt : Protecting our oceans, seas, and rivers.
On the 20th of December, for each participant having submitted their creation, The Spot pledges to donate one dollar to #TeamSeas, that means one less pound of trash in the ocean!
What is #TeamSeas?

#TeamSeas is a global campaign to raise $30M to remove 30M pounds of plastic and trash from our ocean, rivers and beaches. Every single dollar #TeamSeas raises toward the $30M will go to independently verified pounds of trash that have been removed from beaches, rivers or the ocean.
We'll also try to invite other servers to participate, so if you're a member of a server you'd like to see take part of this event, encourage their staff team to get in touch with ours!
All this information can be found on this small webpage we've set up here : ; this is also where we'll feature every submitted creation.
To learn more about #TeamSeas, head over to, and consider making a donation yourself! Let's show that designers care about our ecosystem! 📷 (edited)
TL;DR Simply submit a creation of yours, related to #TeamSeas, in 🌊#teamseas channel on and The Spot will donate $1 to reduce ocean trash.
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2021.12.05 00:58 ALV1DA This might sound obvious asf to you guys but I JUST learned about the Rosetta Stone and realised that this is what probably inspired the poneglyphs in One Piece.

This might sound obvious asf to you guys but I JUST learned about the Rosetta Stone and realised that this is what probably inspired the poneglyphs in One Piece. Funnily enough I already knew of hieroglyphics and believed they alone were the inspiration for the poneglyphs, but I didn't know there was a literal cube type shaped stone with inscriptions that helped uncover what the ancient Egyptian texts said that scholars deciphered in the 18th century.
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2021.12.05 00:58 Ovian Wie lange würdet ihr max pendeln?

Ich arbeite als Dauernachtwache in einem Wohnheim und fahre ca 25 Minuten einfach, also 50 Minuten hin und zurück für 30 km pro Strecke.
Empfinde ich momentan als störend, da ich vorher nur 12 km hatte. Allerdings habe ich als Dauernachtwache nur 14 Nächte Im Monat, anders als im Tagdienst 22, da ich viel schneller meine 30 Stunden pro Woche erreiche.
Wie ist es bei euch? Findet ihr 25 Min pro Fahrt okay?
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2021.12.05 00:58 No-Abbreviations5138 Final Thoughts on Outer Wilds and Echoes of the Eye 2 months later (extremely long rant)

tldr: EotE is great, but not as great as what came before. EotE never engrained itself into my personality like Outer Wilds did and it never will, due to the list of reasons below. Outer Wilds is so much more than the sum of parts, and EotE lacks many of those parts, and doesn't tie the ones it already has together with itself or the base as well as Outer Wilds did.
Outer Wilds is easily my favourite game ever. More than that, it is my favourite fictional creation ever, across books, movies and games. I love this game so much. And I think I need to explain why I loved Outer Wilds before I explain my thoughts on EotE.
Outer Wilds was so good for - reasons imo. First of all, the exploration. Each planet and location in Outer Wilds is both lonely, at times awe inspiring, creative and unique. Each location deserves to be explored regardless of the story it hides their, they're that well done. From the lonely Interloper hiding dark secrets, to the terrifying and mind blowing Dark Bramble, to the incredible Hourglass Twins. And not only that, but watching them evolve, orbit and change with the strict physics and rules of this universe was facinating (more about that later). But not only are they fantastic locations, they're a joy and an adventure to explore because of reasons number 2 and 3.
The movement mechanics in this game are fantastic, and part of that is due to the consistent world around you. One of my favourite moments from Outer Wilds was launching off Timber Hearth, looking at the planets orbiting around the Sun and realising I could go anywhere. And through some incredible physics based space flight I landed on Attlerock for the first time. It was scary and hard, but not because the controls were bad, but because physics doesn't care about the player, physics is physics, and in space that means flying is really difficult to a new player. The joy of learning those movement mechanics and eventually mastering them allowed for incredible moments, like boosting to my spaceship with the lasts of my oxygen reserves after it went flying off the Interloper, ejecting out of my spaceship and boosting to Hollows Lantern to land into the volcano from space (I didn't realise landing spots appear later in the loop), and everything that happens on Giants Deep involving water tornados.
This really shows how the environment ties into the movement. Because the planets and the universe always follows the same physics as the player, it creates a fascinating level immersion where it no longer felt like a fictional universe, but a tangible one. I could launch my scout off into space, it could get caught by the gravity of Giants Deep, I could leave my spaceship floating in the void between planets and then I could jetpack to Giants Deep and find my scout, till there. And more than that, each time I go to a location it's going to be a little different due to the amazing evolution of each planet across the time loop. But part of the reason I preserved through the at times frustrating and at times incredibly awarding movement mechanics was because of what I gained by travelling to these locations, valuable hints to the mystery around me.
The mystery of Outer Wilds is designed beautifully. Putting together the whole narrative requires exploring every amazing location and taking that bit of knowledge with you forwards. This is partly because of the refined focus on the mystery, everything always points to the Eye. Even the Quantum Moon, one of the coolest locations in the game, initially seems separate from the Eye, but then you learn it's really just another piece of the puzzle. And because of the amount of knowledge present in the game, even a really stupid player like myself can eventually figure it all out. The mystery drives the player forward to experience all the game has to offer. And figuring it all out, and putting the incredible puzzle pieces together reveals a super detailed, yet logical plot, with an insane but believable and solution premise, worth all the effort in finding it all out. But when your sick of trying to look for clues you can't find.... there's always time for a marshmallow and some music with a friend.
I'm gonna throw traveller music (the other music is its own category), vibes and Hearthians together because they can't be taken apart. When frustrated, or confronted at the sheer loneliness of the uncaring, always changing universe around you, there is always time to pull out your signal scope, pick an instrument to follow, and enjoy a tasty marshmallow around a campfire with a peaceful tune. You can even have a nice chat to the wonderful characters around these campfires. This is such a beautiful contrast to the lonely, cold void out there, and even though I really love that void to death, it's so nice being nice and warm with a friend. My favourite example of this was Feldspars camp. Going from the most stressful area in the game, to a stunning environmental location (linking back to exploration points), with a nice campfire and a lovely harmonica melody was fantastic. I also instantly emphasised with Feldspar, who didn't even know whether he wanted to return home, despite his hostile surroundings, simply due to the pressure of being Feldspar. The way this lovely music not only guides you in where to explore, but also provides a calm place to vibe with a friend, lends itself perfectly into my last point, the emotional moments, especially the last one.
.... except lets take about Andrew Prahlow's musical masterpiece. The Outer Wilds soundtrack is my most listened to album, ever. The nomai tracks are scary, and deeply saddening (castaways lol), the Hearthian tracks are pretty, calming, and incredibly nostalgic. Which is perfect because when you realise it's all going to end, forever, and there's nothing you can do about it.... that nostalgia takes on a whole new meaning. The miscellaneous tracks, such as End Times make me feel tiny, small, insignificant, lonely and sad. And they fuse themselves into the gameplay so well. I will never be able to separate End Times from my experiences floating in the open void, not to far from the white hole station, completely untethered from everything, watching everything turn ghostly blue. And The Uncertainty Principle could not fit the deeply disturbing yet fascinating atmosphere of the Quantum Moon better, especially that moment when the corpse..... moves. I remember the moment in Interlopers core and at the Nomai grave in Dark Bramble being so much more impactful becaue of Cast Aways, and those moments have stuck with me partially because of the music. Honestly I am deeply emotionally attached to the Outer Wilds music, it has been the soundtrack to too many night out in the stars irl at 1 am. Also, the builds on itself, such as End Times to Final Voyage, or the most prominent example, the individual melodies of the Hearthians climaxing in travellers soundtrack. If vibing with a single friend was beautiful, it builds up so much when you're vibing with everyone, even Solanum my old friend, at the end of all things.
I'm not going to talk about the puzzles really because I'm so bad at puzzle games I had to google them, plus I think they're easily the weakest point of an otherwise near flawless game. Beyond some of them being just.... bad (Ash Twin puzzle is disgusting, horrific and awful in so many ways, story wise and gameplay wise also) they also only intertwine with the environment, and don't intertwine with the movement, music, mystery and emotional climax like everything else does.
My last point is about how all these things intertwine beautifully and become far more than the sum of their parts. The music ties in with the exploration, giving you clues on where to go first, and then those amazing chill moments around the campfire often lend to conversations with Hearthians who'll give clues on where else to explore. Those clues lead to the grand mystery at the heart of the game, the search for the Eye, and it is often only by searching from more clues on how to find the Eye that one experiences the adventure and joy of the incredible physics based movement and how it ties in with the environment around you. That is until that environments explodes in a mixture of both auditory and visual beauty. And that death, one of many, many deaths, not only contributes to part of the mystery ultimately leading to the Eye, but also contributes to that fabulous moment on the Sun Station when you (or at least I did) realise that actually, there's nothing you can do to avoid this death. There are so many more examples I wanna discuss, but I'm getting out of hand.
Now I can talk about EotE.
EotE isn't bad, but it's not on Outer Wilds level. It has less of the elements as base game Outer Wilds, and one new element, but in even the same elements are very differently portrayed. And I think that's great. I didn't want the dlc to be Outer Wilds all over again, it had to be something different, and it certainly is. I'll go through the same elements all over again for EotE.
The exploration of EotE starts out super strong. The whole mini mystery in actually getting to the Stranger builds up a ton of tension for the big reveal... and it doesn't disappoint. Landing in the bay was sick, there was so much technology that so completely different to the Nomai's tech, ufos, a new language, light based airlocks?!? Going into the ringworld for the first time was even more mind blowing, being dropped into something so breathtakingly massive and cool. The first couple hours of the ring world were great. It's vast, full of secrets, and totally different from anything else I'd seen in Outer Wilds. And then as it's finally getting boring, the dream areas are added in to spice things up. These areas (when lit up) are pretty cool. While being pretty small, exploring them was fun, and the night sky was gorgeous. The dark dream areas are a topic of themselves. But past that, there isn't much in terms of exploration. About half way through I stopped exploring really, and while the occasional new area was cool, it was never super unique like each of the areas in Outer Wilds was, it was instead more like, "oh, a hidden room I didn't see before. It's hidden well, but like, It's still just a wooden room with some slides." So yeah, the ringworld is amazing, but it's charm wears off eventually as inside the ringworld everything functions the same, and the dream areas wear off even more quickly, ignoring lights off dreams.
Exploring the ring world through movement also starts out strong. A whole new mechanic strong. I really liked this, just like the ringworld was something totally alien and different to the rest of Outer Wilds, exploring the ring world via raft was super sick! I loved the focus on water based navigation, something that wasn't touched really at all in Outer Wilds. Giant's Deep has water, but you were nearly always still exploring via spaceship or on foot, whereas the ringworld introduced a cool new mechanic, exploring things Outer Wilds didn't. But this mechanics is never developed. The mechanic starts with using your flashlight to navigate easy areas on raft, and it never gets harder, or is developed in any way past that which was a real shame. Because of this, about half way through the only fun thing about raft navigation was the river sound track and the ring world still looking pretty. Rafts became a method of transportation and nothing else. What's even more unfortunate is that the old movement mechanics, spaceships and jetpacks and teleportation if you count that, became irrelevant. Pretty much the only time you use your spaceship is to get to the stranger each run, which becomes a massive chore, reducing the great physics-based spaceflight to a simple train ride once a run. And jetpacking still exists on the ring world, but it's never utilised in any cool ways, it's more just a way to speed up travel between buildings if you feel like it. And your jetpack isn't even in the game for a lot of it, you can't jetpack in dreams. So essentially, 2 amazing movement mechanics have replaced with one overused and underdeveloped one.
The environment in EotE links in with raft movement due to the river through the stranger, but the environment itself isn't developed as well as the environment in Outer Wilds. There are no orbital mechanics, as it all takes place on the stranger, and despite a really cool physics based environment that was the spinning ring world, ideas involving this unique mechanic weren't touched, which I think is a big missed opportunity. What if the speed of the ringworld changed? While I can't think of a lore reason right now, something dumb, kinda like the dam breaking cause solar sails could be thought up. You could have the speed the Stranger spun at lower across the loop, making gravity less and less. Towards the end of the loop you could jump from one side of the ring to the other, how would that be for some cool movement mechanics and some environmental evolution! I mean the dam breaking is hardly an evolution, it's a singular event, that happens near the end of the loop anyway (not affecting gameplay as much as it could/should). And unless you are doing the one puzzle that requires it, the dam breaking ends almost all ringworld exploration and some dream world exploration, without unlocking any opportunities in the ringworld or dream world (aside from that one puzzle). I mean yeah, the wave was cool, but often ended up just meditating once the dam broke.
The mystery in EotE is decent. I loved the way the story was presented, the slide shows were creepy, very different from anything in Outer Wilds, and very characterless. Where in Outer Wilds I grew attached to the Nomai scientists (I remembered them through their unique dialogue and personalities, despite not remembering their names), in this, learning about the Owlks was lonely and at times scary, a perfect introduction for the upcoming horror. And then learning about their emotional regrets in missing their home made me empathise with these beings, despite them hating me, and as I later learned, imprisoning the only one who wasn't scared of death. What this mystery lacked was a focus. In Outer Wilds everything in centred around the Eye. In a typical who dunnit, everything centres around who killed such and such. In EotE.... in theory in centres around the locked safe, but in reality I just thought it was another element to much bigger mystery.
The safe not only wasn't stated enough and if even if it were obviously the focus of the mystery, so little was known about it that mystery lacked in interest. 'Who of these seemingly normal people is a serial killer?' that's a cool mystery, 'where and what is this eye-shaped signal originating before time itself?' that's a fantastic mystery, 'what's in this wooden locked safe?', uhh somewhat less interesting. Maybe if I were given a bit more context, so my imagination could set running I'd be interested. Like if this was a suspected serial killer's secret prized possession, or the hidden treasure in the depths of an underwater kingdom of God's, but nah, it's just a wooden locked box by a bunch of semi-immortal owlks. I don't really like the argument of "but the owlks are evil and wanna kill you, so it must something an evil person would hide!", because frankly if someone else were intruding on an incredibly well hidden world me and my friends had lived in uninterrupted for millennium, I'd wanna hunt them down and kick them out too.
So I guess hunting people down and kicking them out is a great transition to the horror sections of this rant! I LOVE THEM. I know a lot of people whose playthroughs I've watched, or rants I've read didn't like them, but I had a blast with them. To be fair, my experience with horror games is very little. I've played the Granny games of all things (don't judge me, but I actually quite enjoyed them), and also Alien Isolation, one of my top 5 favourite games ever. But Alien Isolation never scared me. While the existence of the motion tracker is essential for gameplay, it means that I always have a rough (very, very rough) idea of when the xenomorph is around and when I should be super cautious, even on the hardest difficulties. This removes nearly all fear of the unknown for me, and replaced it with a howl lotta stress (I don't wanna die, again, and lose 30 mins progress to the devious and intelligent xeno), which is a different but much more bearable emotion. EotE while probably being a pretty tame horror game in reality, freaked me out.
I remember turning off the lights in the dream for the first time, for some reason I didn't put 2 and 2 together and figure out this meant I was going to be scared. So imagine my horror when I was doing my normal thing, going through the eye teleporter (that animation is on another level btw) and walking up towards the stairs and A FREAKING OWLK MURDERS ME! That was pretty incredible. Then imagine my even greater horror when I decided to go a different route to avoid the Owlk and found out that THERE ARE 2 OF THEM!?!? WHAT! I really, really enjoyed these sections of the game, despite them being terrifying, and thought the absolute darkness of the levels forcing me to memorise the environment greatly contributed to the fun and horror, instead of reducing it. My biggest fright was when I thought I had memorised all the Owlk patterns and positions, and then I walked through what I thought was a safe area and got dived at from the darkness, that was both awful and incredible. The rewards for beating these sections were amazing too, the reveal that the simulation dream world loaded only the area around the lantern, and that the black tunnels between areas were loading screens that could be exploited were game changing and worth all the effort and horror involved in discovering these secrets. I think the way those secrets were used to unlock the safe is also super cool, but I say that from an outside perspective as I had to google the solution like usual. I'm dumb lol.
So, vibes, music and marshmallows.... there isn't really any. I mean yeah, you can eat marshmallows, but without a calming soundtrack and fun dude to hang out with it wasn't really the same. The contrast to the loneliness in Outer Wilds with the travellers was one of the best elements of the game, and there isn't any of that here. And that would be fine if the game had more to back itself up with instead. In fairness, the loneliness of the stranger is what makes the owlks wanting to kill you, making you feel even more lonely and scared, and the prisoner reveal, who doesn't want to kill you and instead wishes he could spend a lifetime with you, so impactful. But I don't think the prisoner reveal quite earned this, as yes there was a cool, emotional timelapse, but honestly I didn't get to know the prisoner enough to be deeply touched when he commits suicide 2 minutes after that timelapse. While there was a beautiful moment between the prisoner and the player, it wasn't anything as close to how sad I felt at the interloper core and that wasn't even the ending of the base game! It also just means there is less variety in the game. When I'm frustrated after a horror section and want to quit, can't figure out a puzzle, or just need a break, what do I do? I quit the game... that's what. Or I just visit Riebeck or Chert, but at that point hanging out with them feels so... wrong and unfamiliar, the dlc and Outer Wilds are very much separate entities it seems.
"But the prisoner works so well in the campfire ending!" And here I will agree with you, I felt far more deeply touched when listening to the prisoner around the campfire than during the time lapse. Not only is his music beautiful, but seeing him enjoying himself as shown through the fantastic animations, and so wary and cautious to be part of the new universe was beautiful.
My last point relates to how separate Outer Wilds and EotE feel. They are totally different experiences gameplay wise, and that would be fine if the mysteries they presented intertwined a little better, but until the end of EotE it doesn't actually link back to Outer Wilds at all really except for the fact that yes indeed, the Nomai were not the only ones to hear the Eye's signal. It makes sense lore-wise, the Owlks dreamt right past the Nomai arriving in the solar system and the Hearthians' rise into space, but it doesn't serve both experiences well. The devs clearly realised this, which is why the dlc is so cleverly hidden away, but it doesn't only hurt a player who discovers the dlc before figuring out most of the base game, it also hurts a chap like me, who beat fully released Outer Wilds twice before playing EotE, in that my brain remembers these experiences like 2 different games, joined with a lore thread. I think of it like watching the Iron Man movies and Captain America movies without watching the avengers. I am aware both exist in the same universe and they link together through some lore threads, but they're very different and don't really deserve to be thought of as one whole. You may have noticed I usually refer to the base game as Outer Wilds even though EotE is technically part of Outer Wilds now, and that's how I view them. Not only because EotE was a 7.5-8/10 and Outer Wilds was a 10/10, but also because apart from the campfire ending with the Prisoner, my memories of both games are completely separate only linking together via a shared lore link of the Eye's mysterious signal, a link that only becomes properly apparent at the end of EotE.
Echoes of the Eye was pretty good, but when I get my Outer Wilds tattoo it won't include the Owlks.
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2021.12.05 00:58 Emotional_Relation38 Question about my craze lines

I have a craze line on both of my front teeth, and i’ve recently been experiencing sensitivity in one of said teeth. i was wonder what i could do about this at home? i don’t have any insurance right now so i don’t know what i can do to fix it. if there’s any home remedies then please let me know, but if not could i get an estimation of how much getting it fixed would cost?
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2021.12.05 00:58 brucebruce2016 Best Natural Bodybuilders - 18 Natty Lifters You Need To Know About

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2021.12.05 00:58 toptoyouyoutube British Fox News relies on Trump-Farage duo to boost audiences - Positively Scottish

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2021.12.05 00:58 Wild-Cappuccino Crafting recipe is gone

I was going to craft the upgraded mad cap mushroom, but now the crafting recipe is just gone. I don't know what happened.
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2021.12.05 00:58 fainx3574 Nice fall night tonight here.

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2021.12.05 00:58 TriforceP Book 6 Story Speculation

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2021.12.05 00:58 ArcSaber__17 Cosmic Bloom [3535×5655]

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2021.12.05 00:58 hellothere-3000 I can't get above challenger 1 with this deck. Any help?

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2021.12.05 00:58 Kunphen Pro-life.

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2021.12.05 00:58 Hevnlyz If you could ask any personal questions to perfect strangers that they have to answer honestly, what would it be ?

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2021.12.05 00:58 Andwele__Harris more pics of Michael Jackson and (Rodney Jerkins)Darkchild. These were from some 1999 function for some Whitney Houston charity

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2021.12.05 00:58 toptoyouyoutube Where's the snow? When should St. Louis be seeing some | FOX 2

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2021.12.05 00:58 MTKintsugi Just a scrappy quilt for A Christmas gift.

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2021.12.05 00:58 Class_Wooden Could of completely stop using shampoo?

Basically just the title. I’ve been noticing my hairs been quite greasy recently and idk why. And I’m pretty sure shampoo makes your hair more greasy. So could I just stop using it? Would there be any cons??
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2021.12.05 00:58 1000000students Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson commissioned data on masks but didn't release it after it showed they were effective: report

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2021.12.05 00:58 Able_Scar6998 Is it just me or did the promo video for the pets get bananas wallet get deleted?

I love rewatching it cuz of the teaser track that’s on it but I can’t find it :(
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2021.12.05 00:58 LightStrik62 Scammer on Xbox platform

On Xbox, Alertspapi scammed me, pretty cool dude but got scammed LMAOO. Everyone watch out
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2021.12.05 00:58 popcornboiii Psaki Gets HEATED Over Doocy's Trump Gotcha Question

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2021.12.05 00:58 prophy__wife This seems like a scam, email after we stayed a month ago saying we disputed the charges. We didn’t dispute anything and loved our stay.

So we did not dispute any charges at all, this email came completely outbid left field. That is the cabin we stayed in but everything else is not what we did.
Any ideas!?!?
screen shots of the email I got
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